Blazing Skull

Student of the Skull-Men, Defender of Freedom


Blazing Skull
Mark Anthony Todd [Secret]

Affiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Champion of Freedom
Seeker of Truth

Skull-Men Training
Fire/Heat Blast D8, Fire/Heat Control D8, Fire/Heat Resistance D12, Invisibility D6, Strength D8

SFX: Healing Factor. Spend 1 pp to recover your stress or step back your trauma.

Combat Expert D8, Covert Rookie D6, Crime Expert D8, Psych Rookie D6


Trapped in a cave while covering the Sino-Japanese War, Todd encountered the Skull-Men, a tribe of people who had flaming heads. They had predicted the arrival of Todd, and had visions showing to to be the great defender of freedom for the world. They trained them in their arts, which gave him superhuman strength and resistance to fire. As time has passed, he has honed his abilities even farther, and can now manifest the flaming skull, and make everything but his bones invisible.

In his civilian life, he has had numerous careers. He was an ADA in NYC, a war-zone reporter for a major New York City newspaper, and has now taken on the role of amateur criminologist to compliment his superhero skills.

Blazing Skull

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