Captain America II


Captain America II
William Nasland [Secret]

Affiliations: Solo D10, Buddy D8, Team D6

Big Shoes to Fill
Ultra Patriot

Super Soldier Training
Durability D8, Strength D8

SFX: Second Wind. Before you take an action including a power set power, you may move your stress die to the doom pool and step up the power set power for this action.

Steel Shield
Durability D8, Weapon D8

SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add a d6 and keep an additional effect die.

SFX: Counterattack. On a successful reaction against a melee attack, inflict stress with your effect die. Spend 1 pp to step it up.

Limit: Gear. Shutdown a power to gain 1 pp. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover that power.

Acrobatics Expert D8, Combat Expert D8, Menace Expert D8


Formerly the hero known as The Spirit of ‘76, President Truman personally chose William to fill in for the recently deceased Steve Rodgers. He doesn’t have the Super Soldier Serum, or the original shield, but he is determined to make his way as the true Captain America.

Captain America II

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