The Goddess

Leader of the Universal Church of Peace, "good" side of Adam Warlock


While Adam Warlock possessed the Infinity Gauntlet, he decided to become a god of pure logic. Using the Gauntlet, he cast out the "good’ and “evil” in his soul. The evil portion became the sinister Magus, while the good potion became the Goddess. The Goddess would attempt to bring peace and universal rapture to the entire universal (by way of destroying it, since she felt it was beyond redemption). Ultimately, she would fail, and her life force drawn into Adam Warlock’s Soul Gem.

This was not the end, however. Both she and the Magus eventually drew enough of their own life forces together to escape. The Goddess entered a cocoon like state, while her body and mind were restored. She was eventually found by Kismit (Adam Warlock’s “sister”), and took the Goddess under her wing while she recovered. Together, the two formulated new beliefs, in which universal peace could be attained without universal destruction. This new belief system, based on a subconscious merging of the Church’s followers and the Goddess’ pure soul, would be the founding of their new Church of Peace.

Reforging a new Cosmic Egg (it is not based on the original Cosmic Cube design, but does have similar, if weaker, powers), and then merging with it, the Goddess took over what remained of the Universal Church of Truth, the organization of her nemesis, the Magus. With Kismit at the head of the Church’s everyday operations, the Goddess entered the Egg, and went into hibernation within. The Egg’s power stretched out, and linked the core followers of the Church together with the Goddess.

Since then, the Church has expanded, bringing in followers from across three galaxies. The Goddess herself no longer directly communicates with her followers. She has a connection to all of them through the Soul Stones, however, and thus she touches them each and every day. Kismit handles the worldly matters of the Church, including all of it’s various operations groups.

The Goddess

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