Solo: d10, Buddy: d6, Team: d8

Mysterious Origins
Mission: Accepted

Power Sets:
Mind Control d10, Telepathy d8, Psychic Blast d8, Psychic Resistance d10
SFX: Area Attack: For every additional target, add d6 and keep +1 Effect die.
Limit: Mutant When effected by mutant-specific complications or tech, earn 1 PP

Codename: Azazael:
Enhanced Stamina d8. Enhanced Reflexes d8, Enhanced Durability d8
SFX: Focus: In a pool including a Cherneyy Prokyet die, replace two dice of equal steps with one die of +1 step.
Immunity: Spend 1 PP to ignore stress, trauma or complications from aging, disease, or poison.
Limits: Deep Programming: Earn 1 PP by stepping up Emotional stress inflicted by intelligence agencies and their directors by +1
Killswitch: When you take Emotional trauma, shutdown any Cherneyy Prokyet power and gain 1 PP. Recover power when you recover Emotional Trauma.

Combat Master d10, Covert Expert d8, Vehicle Expert d8, Acrobatic Expert d8

1 xp…when you first declare someone an ally/friend
3 xp…when you first aid you ally/friend in a buddy situation
10 xp…when you first suffer emotional trauma from being tricked/taken advantage of

Chernyy Proyekt
1 xp…when you find a clue about the project you were trained at for the first time
3xp… when you make contact with someone related to the project
10 xp… when you damage or derail something related to the project (causing a mission to fail, stressing out/killing an enemy, destroying data)


Azazael knows little of her origins, and as far back as she can remember, she grew up in a remote, secret facility in Russia, where she was trained from a toddler to be an expert killer. When her psychic power began to develop in her preteen years, she was immediately put in to extensive, exhaustive training to hone and wield it to supplement her training as an elite assassin.
It was this power and the advancement of it that first exposed her to flashes of the world beyond the walls of the facility, and rather than accept that these things were unimportant and should not be thought about, they intrigued her. Overcome with curiosity and frustration at being denied a chance to experience life outside of the compound before they deemed her ready to leave, Azazael fled, determined to learn what things like “movies” and “ice cream” were, and to see the “ocean” in person.

Azazael’s training is incomplete, and while she likely to be one of the most deadly people one might encounter, her personality has not caught up to her skill set. She is awkward in many situations, with little ability to filter her thoughts before expressing them, an obliviousness to sarcasm, and a blunt way of expressing herself. This awkwardness is paired with a deep, unquestioning naiveté, which makes her prone to trusting without hesitation. New experiences are a delightful learning opportunity for her, and she is often fascinated and perky when presented with them. When one considers that MOST experiences are new to her, this means that her wide eyed awe and excitement over seemingly little, mundane things can become grating.


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