Gospodin Beloye (Mr. White)

Black Room Spymaster


Handsome, grandfatherly figure with a calm and deliberate way about him. While he is no longer the physically powerful man he once was, he is still in excellent shape for his age.


Mr. White, often referred to as “Prizrak” or “Ghost” is responsible for training high level recruits in spycraft and criminal affairs. He is well connected, in both Russia and the United States (and in many other places in the world as well). His grandfatherly visage can sometimes bring comfort in the heartless domain of the Black Room, but woe betide one who fails him (even in the slightest). He demands perfection from his students. Those who perform well receive his warm, grandfatherly side, those who do not often wish they were dead.

Gospodin Beloye (Mr. White)

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