The Monk


Tall, wiry, and wizened. He has a constantly intense demeanor, and radiates authority. He never seems to leave his guard down.


The Monk has truly forgot who he really is, or was, prior to the start of his training. Obsessed with martial arts, he trained with masters around the world, eventually sacrificing his own self into his art.

The Monk has been effectively immortal since the late 19th Century, and attained the highest level of discipline sometime in the mid 20th Century. He has since sought someone who he could pass his skills on to. He cares little for the Black Room or it’s mission, and the Black Room has little consideration for him (other than his ability to pass on his talents).

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the new and independent Black Room has had less use for the Monk of late. Still, the Monk hopes to find someone who can attain the same level of discipline and skill that he has. He has come to believe that no human could possible follow him, and its looking toward post-humans (particularly mutants) as potential students.

The Monk

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